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Want to Know What's Included?

Package Overview

This is not a typical purchased trip. Any friends we ask who have experience traveling and planning trips say that their biggest challenge is finding the right deals, especially in a new place. Pre-made trips are never the way to go, because that a one-size-fits-all style is just no. Why pay to do things you don't want? No thanks.

The most important part of our custom travel planning is that we sit down and get to know you - to figure out what you love, where you want to go, and what you want to see. We give you all the support you need to thrive during your next trip, while also taking some of that planning stress off your shoulders.

Travel Route

Using the info we learn from you, we will plan a personalized route for your trip, including a daily itinerary outline, to the maximum length of 1 month. (if you need more, we can discuss it!)

This will include:

  • Beginning and end points (ie. airports).
  • 2 potential routes, including stops, and how many nights are needed.
  • Planned day trips.
  • Daily activity suggestions to your tastes!


Transportation is about much more than flights, how you arrive at the first stop on your trip, and how to get home!

We will also give you specific, regional advice about long-distance trains, regional trains, cars, buses, and city transportation for each location. Trust us, this is so important.

Food & Culture

A big part of any trip is the FOOD! Which means that it is very helpful to know what is special in the regions you will be visiting.

Local delicacies, sweet treats, and whatever else get you excited to arrive! If food is important to you, we will create a list of up-to-date suggestions within reach of where you will be!


The hardest part of planning any trip is finding the right accommodation. Where should it be, will it be safe, is it affordable, clean? Booking, and then arriving sight unseen - terrifying.

Luckily, there are tricks that are learned after years of experience. We will show you what to look for, how to find the best options for your budget, and assist you in making the best choices possible!

Getting excited, but have alllll the questions?

This package is exactly what you need if you are determined to see the world but are feeling anxiety when it comes to planning the details. No matter your travel style or destination, we cater our custom travel packages to your preferences.

Any questions you have, or if you're wondering which package is best for you... select one of the two options below!