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A place where we reflect on and remember our adventures, as well as inspire and help others to achieve their travel dreams, and bring little pieces of the places they love back into their homes.

We're inviting you to come along with us as we travel the world, share our experiences, create travel-inspired art, and help others to plan their own adventures. ✈️

a little more about us

The chances of us meeting was low, but somehow it happened. Alana grew up in Canada, Ricardo in the Netherlands, only to somehow meet in the middle in Bracknell, UK.

After moving to England with his family in 2015, Ricardo found himself in Bracknell working in hospitality. Alana finished a school program in June of 2017, and wanted to experience living in another country. She chose the England for her first long-term move, for the familiarity and common language...and ended up working in the same hotel in Bracknell as Ricardo.

Fast forward to 2023... married for over 3 years, together for over 5, and parents to 2 kitties, we have lived together in Canada, the Netherlands, and now on the road in Europe travelling full-time!

Seeing the world is our passion, and after years of experience planning and enjoying new places, we want to share our knowledge, memories, and all the beauty we see out here with you.

Hey, I'm Alana!

I grew up in Toronto, Canada and apart from regularly visiting a family cottage in Muskoka, and 2 trips to Florida when I was young, I didn't travel much in the beginning of my life.

My mom was an avid traveler throughout her life, having traveled to over 40 countries. Her stories and travels were what lit the match, and inspired my desire to travel and see as much of the world as I can in my life.

In my professional life, I am a marketer by trade. I have been in Marketing for almost 10 years. Designing, creating, and growing brands, websites, products, and social media presences for individuals, and companies both in Canada, and internationally.

Since 2020, I have been designing cute, funny, and quirky home decor for myself, friends & family. As well as creating stylized maps and artwork inspired by the places I have been or dream of visiting.

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Hey, I'm Ricardo!

From the time I was young, I found myself drawn to one thing: travel. Being Dutch, and growing up European, I have always felt a strong connection to my continent and a desire to explore it, and the world beyond it.

My first big travel experience was a trip to Indonesia at 12. Since my grandfather was Indonesian, visiting made a big impact, and from that moment on I was always planning my next trip (whether I took it or not!).

I have always had a mind for geography, and so beyond knowing the capital city and location of almost every country... it makes travel planning much less stressful.

After spending a lot of my life creating all kinds of trips for myself and others, I am aware of how much stress it can cause. That's why I choose to help others as well, because I love the feeling of creating dream trips - it brings me joy, not stress. Short holidays, month-long trips, or full world travels... I enjoy the challenge of making every adventure a well-planned, and smooth (as much as is possible!) experience.

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