Our Cat Lover's Guide to International Travel

Our Cat Lover's Guide to International Travel

Welcome back fellow cat lovers and adventure seekers! If you're daydreaming about exploring the world with your feline friend by your side, but are worried that it's just not possible... you're not alone. This isn't the life for every cat, but for those who are confident & adaptable, traveling internationally with your furry buddy is totally doable. And sometimes...you'll never know how your cat(s) will adapt until you try!

Before we got started, we were concerned about the logistics of travelling full-time with our two cats. Vega (our precious orange kitty) is obsessed with Ricardo, but she can be timid, and easily startled. Lyra (our black princess) is very confident, but struggled with litter box habits, ever since she had an upset stomach mishap a few years ago. Routine became extremely important for Lyra, and so our experience transitioning to full-time travel was certainly an experience.

We will definitely be diving into some of the details on what we did, how it went, and how it's currently going... but for now, let's dive into the basics for making your globetrotting dreams a reality.

1. Pre-Travel Preparations:

Before you pack your bags, make sure your kitty is all set:

- Vet Check: Schedule a visit to the vet for a health check and to ensure your cat's vaccinations are up-to-date. Also important to note: if you are travelling internationally, it is crucial you also have all the correct paperwork. This may be something you need your vet's assistance with. 

- Microchip & ID: Get your cat microchipped and make sure they have a collar with an ID tag. It's like their passport in case they decide to explore on their own. 

2. Cat-Friendly Accommodations:

- Purrfect Places: Look for accommodations that are cat-friendly. Many hotels and Airbnb options are cool with having a four-legged guest.

- Homey Vibes: If you're settling in for a longer stay, choose a place that feels like home. Cats love familiar spaces as much as we do.

3. In-Flight Comfort:

- Travel Carrier: Invest in a cozy and well-ventilated travel carrier. It's like their own little first-class cabin.

- Snuggle Stuff: Place a familiar blanket or toy inside the carrier. It's like packing a piece of home for them.

- Security Check: Make sure your cat can comfortably stand, turn around, and lie down in the carrier. No cramped flights for them!

4. Jet Lag for Whiskers:

- Settling In: Once you're at your new destination, give your cat some time to explore and adjust to the new surroundings. Don't worry if they seem a bit aloof at first.

- Routine Love: Stick to their regular feeding and playtime schedule. Cats are creatures of habit, and consistency is key.

5. Cat-Proof Your Space:

- Hide the Hazards: Just like at home, keep dangerous items (like wires and toxic plants) out of their reach. Safety first, always.

- Cosy Corner: Set up a comfy space with their bed, toys, and scratching post. It's their sanctuary in the new territory.

6. Adventure Time:

- Exploration Mode: If you're out exploring, consider a leash and harness for your cat. Yes, some cats are up for it – think of it like supervised outdoor time.

- Sightseeing Kitty: Keep an eye out for cat-friendly parks and open spaces where your feline explorer can stretch their legs.

7. Vet on Speed Dial:

- Local Vet Info: Research nearby veterinary clinics in case of any unexpected furball emergencies. It's like having a backup plan for your backup plan. This is a strong just in case because you need to be prepared to protect your precious pet, no matter where you are in the world!

Globetrotting with your cat isn't just about the destinations you'll visit – it's about sharing memorable experiences together. From cuddles in cozy accommodations to exploring new corners of the world, your feline friend can be a fantastic travel buddy. Remember, each cat is unique, so be patient and adapt to their comfort level. With a little preparation and a lot of love, you're ready to embark on an international adventure that you and your cat will cherish forever. Safe travels, fellow jet-setting cat aficionados! 🐱✈️

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