Exploring the Dutch Food Scene (Amsterdam Edition)

Exploring the Dutch Food Scene (Amsterdam Edition)

When you travel... is it all about the food? Trying new foods in new places can be an amazing experience, but first you have to know what each place does best!

Since Ricardo is Dutch, and we spend a lot of time in the Netherlands, we will likely do a full series on where to go, and what to eat BUT to get started on a trip to Amsterdam... this is our basic day exploring the city and its food!

Known for its picturesque canals and laid-back atmosphere, this city is also a hidden gem for food lovers. Spend your day indulging in the delicious Dutch cuisine, from traditional treats to innovative culinary delights. Get your taste buds ready for an Amsterdam foodie adventure like no other!

1. Start with a Dutch Breakfast Delight:
Kickstart your day with a typical Dutch breakfast at a local café. Get your caffeine fix with a steaming cup of Dutch coffee and pair it with a freshly baked, warm croissant. But wait, there's more! Don't forget to try hagelslag, chocolate sprinkles that the Dutch love to spread over buttered bread. It's like having dessert for breakfast!

2. Dive into Street Food Heaven at Albert Cuyp Market:
Head over to the bustling Albert Cuyp Market - this is truly a food lovers paradise! As you stroll through the vibrant market stalls, let your senses guide you to the irresistible aromas. Don't miss out on trying the iconic stroopwafels, thin waffles sandwiched with gooey caramel syrup. They're sweet, chewy, and utterly addictive! Indulge in a warm, freshly made one, and thank me later. If stroopwafels aren't for you, try poffertjes (No.7)! 

3. Classic Dutch Treat: Bitterballen and Dutch Cheese:
Amsterdam is all about cozy pubs and tasty snacks. Embrace the local culture by ordering a plate of bitterballen. These crispy and savory deep-fried meat balls are the perfect accompaniment to your beer. Dip them in mustard and savor the explosion of flavors. While you're at it, don't forget to sample some authentic Dutch cheese. Gouda, Edam, or Maasdam — take your pick and enjoy the creamy goodness (our favorite is Gouda)!

4. Canal-side Pancake Feast:
Amsterdam is famous for its pancakes (not the American style!), and you simply can't leave without indulging in this Dutch delight. Head to a traditional pancake house, preferably one along the picturesque canals, and prepare for a pancake feast. From sweet to savory options, you'll find a pancake to satisfy any craving. Try the classic apple and cinnamon pancake or go for a savory pancake topped with cheese, bacon, and mushrooms. Don't hold back; these pancakes are meant to be devoured!

5. Surprising Cuisine: Amsterdam's International Flair:
Amsterdam's multicultural vibe extends to its food scene. Venture beyond the Dutch delicacies and dive into the flavors of Surinamese cuisine. Surinamese food is a fusion of Indian, Indonesian, African, and Dutch influences, resulting in an explosion of spices and flavors. Head to a Surinamese restaurant and sample dishes like roti (curried meat with flatbread). You'll be pleasantly surprised by the diverse and delicious options. 

Indonesian food itself is also very deeply ingrained in the Dutch food scene. As a former Dutch colony, with large immigration from the country to NL in the past, if you look, Indonesian-Dutch fusion can be found around every corner! 

7. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Poffertjes:
No foodie adventure in Amsterdam is complete without indulging in poffertjes. These fluffy mini pancakes, dusted with powdered sugar and served with a knob of butter, are a true Dutch delight. Look for a street vendor or a cozy café that specializes in poffertjes and enjoy these bite-sized treats as a sweet snack or a dessert.

Amsterdam, with its vibrant food scene and culinary diversity, offers a delectable adventure for food enthusiasts. From traditional Dutch treats like stroopwafels and bitterballen to international flavors and delightful surprises, this city has something to satisfy every craving. So grab a fork, explore the canal-lined streets, and immerse yourself in the gastronomic delights that Amsterdam has to offer.

Happy eating!

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