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Planning a trip?

We do it for ourselves, and now we want to do it for you too.

Do you find trip planning overwhelming and stressful? As a rule, most people do. Especially as a first-timer, if you don't have the time, or if it's just not your brain's thing.

If you're looking for help planning your dream trip, you are in the right place!

We have created affordable easy-guides to help you plan a trip on your own to different destinations. Plus, we are also personally available to plan custom trips for you, to take that stress out of the equation and allow you to just take off. ✈️

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Want us to plan it for you?

If doing it yourself is too overwhelming, and the pre-made travel guides just aren't for you... we are offering personalized one-on-one travel planning done by us, for you, made exactly to your tastes so you can travel and enjoy without any planning stress.

As seasoned travels, we've been through a lot. We have experienced when the plans go right, and we have felt the pain of when plans go wrong. Learned so many lessons, and now know exactly what to do to avoid travel f*ck-ups.

They're stressful, potentially dangerous, and ALWAYS expensive. That's why after so many years of doing it all ourselves, we want to help others have the chance to go out and experience the world around them with ZERO stress.

Interested? Check out our different planning packages below, and get in touch if you have questions!

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